1. WHEN WILL MAC BE AVAILABLE? We are still working on the MAC version but hope to finish before our first shipment in 2015.

2. HOW MUCH WILL WEMAGIN'S SERVICE COST AFTER THE YEAR IS OVER? There is no cost to continue using the USB and private browser. The price for the VPN and Cloud services combined is only $5.99/month or $71.88/year after the free year is finished. The beauty is you get both the VPN service and the unlimited cloud backup, both your MAC and PC for one low price of $5.99/mo. We are working to distribute registration key cards to local retailers so that you can purchase these anonymously and register to continue use of the VPN and cloud services.We believe the price is extremely competitive and disruptive, but our ultimate goal is to make everything available for $1.99 to $2.99 per month. This can happen if we break a million user subscribers. We hope to reach this goal with everyone's help.

3. HOW DOES THE REGISTRATION KEY CARD PROTECT THE IDENTIY? 1. Serial keys are generated from an encrypted key software in bulk of 10,000 to 50,000 at a time and sent to a printer. 2. The printer hides the serial keys (very similar to calling cards) on the back of the cards and no one knows which cards have which serial keys. 3. Registration key is then randomly inserted to each Wemagin package to be shipped to register the Wemagin. 4. User can registers Wemagin with an existing or non verifiable email / username as an option. 5. Once a serial key is used, it is then moved from online to offline database, never to be reused or retrievable by anyone. 6. Wemagin is now neither traceable by Wemagin or anyone else since we don't know what the serial key that registered the new account, but even if we did, if you registered with a non verifiable email / username, it's impossible for anyone to know..

4. HOW WILL WEMAGIN WORK AFTER THE FREE SUBSCRIPTION YEAR IS OVER?You can still use the private browser, which leaves no digital footprint on the computer and the USB device. You can also use the USB as a storage device, but it only holds 4GB, and there wouldn't be any protection unless you save the files in the secured cloud storage. USB flash drive storage by itself is unreliable and limited in protecting our data. It's this very reason why we integrated the Wemagin to the cloud storage. Because we will not store credit card information on file, to continue the VPN and cloud integration, a new subscription would have to be purchased. We are working to distribute registration key cards to local retailers so that you can purchase these anonymously and register to continue use of the VPN and cloud services.

5. WILL THERE BE PERIODIC UPDATES FOR THE BROWSER ON THE USB? Yes there will be, and we intend to continue support of our product. If any new virus comes along or a new bug is discovered, we will do an auto update to the device

6. WHERE ARE THE VPN SERVERS LOCATED? AM I ABLE TO CHOOSE WHICH VPN SERVER I'M CONNECTING TO? ALSO, WHAT KIND OF LOGS ARE KEPT ON THE SERVER AND HOW DO YOU PLAN TO HANDLE GOVERNMENT REQUEST FOR USER DATA? We have over 14,000 IP's on 135+ servers in many countries that you can choose from. We do not collect or log any traffic on our VPN. We are working on a system to prepay for the VPN with cash in order to avoid collecting any user information if needed.

7. HOW IS WEMAGIN'S VPN TECHNOLOGY BETTER THAN OTHER VPN ? What separates Wemagin's VPN from all other VPN is as follows: 1. Wemagin is the simplest and easiest VPN to use. Our VPN is a plug and play, where as others require a lot more complicated setup. 2. Other VPN require a software or client download to a computer. Wemagin does not. Wemagin requires nothing from the computer to operate. 3. Other VPN may hide the IP address, but it still leaves a digital footprint on the computer. Wemagin does not - not on the internet, not on the computer, not on the device.

8. THE ARTICLE "The Unpatchable Malware That Infects USBs Is Now on the Loose" POINTS OUT SOME PROBLEMS WITH THE USB. IS THERE ANY SAFEGUARD(S) TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING TO WEMAGIN? This is one of the problems we're still working on. We're close but not ready to announce anything just yet. We've done so much testing on this and it's been quite challenging. We won't give up until it's resolved. Hopefully by the time we're ready to ship, it’s resolved.

9. WILL WEMAGIN'S VPN BLOCK MY ISP FROM SEEING MY ACTIVITY AND ALLOW TORRENT DOWNLOADING TO BE ANONYMOUS? With Wemagin's VPN, your ISP will only see encrypted information, and it’s not something they can decrypt because high military-grade encryption is being used. Also, if you choose to do any downloading of torrents, you are completely anonymous and coupled with our very fast ISP, you will see very little throttle with your downloads regardless of what you are doing. If you choose to watch a Netflix movie while downloading, for example, you have nothing to worry about because to that ISP, you are not watching Netflix so there is no throttling. You can even play W.O.W. or stream online with minimal impact!…

Fear not! still in progress!!!

Thank you!